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  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
The Chinle is one of three styles of banded rugs, which usually have no borders. Chinles are the simplest of the banded rugs, with stripes of plain color alternating with bands containing repeated geometric designs such as squash blossoms, stacked chevrons, and diamonds. They may have railroad tracks as well.

Chinle rugs tend to be pastel or restrained colors, with lots of natural greys, whites, golds, and greens. However, they may also be bright and bold—in black, white, and red, for example.

This style, though named for the town of Chinle, is now woven everywhere in the Navajo Nation. It is one of the most commonly woven rugs because the design is relatively straightforward and can take less time to weave than more elaborate designs.