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  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
A Ganado rug always has a red background. For this reason, it is sometimes called a "Ganado Red." Typically, the black, white, and grey design is based on a central diamond or two. The edges of this central shape are embellished with geometric flourishes. Serrates, crosses, zigzags, and simple geometric shapes decorate the corner spaces outside the central design. A Ganado rug usually has a dark border.

Trader John Lorenzo Hubbell first popularized Ganado style rugs, promoting by catalog to households in the eastern states. They are named for the little town of Ganado, where in 1878 Hubbell founded a trading post, which still operates today as Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site. Ganado was named for a very important Navajo leader whom the Spanish called Ganado Mucho, or "Many Cattle."

Because of its long history and wide distribution, many people consider Ganado a "classic" Navajo rug style.