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New Lands

  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
The New Lands style is the most recent development in Navajo weaving. New Lands rugs combine Burntwater colors with a Teec Nos Pos design, and enhace the effect with a raised outline.

Trader Bruce Burnham initated this new style from his trading post in Sanders, Arizona. He recruited local experts in vegetal dyes to produce a myriad of lovely colors and encouraged local weavers to use them, even grouping together harmonious colors in "kits" for their use.

These rugs are woven in spectacular, complicated designs and a rainbow of natural hues. Like Teec Nos Pos rugs, they tend to be large weavings, and can be quite expensive.

The name comes from the area around Sanders, called the New Lands because many residents were relocated there from traditional homelands.