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Teec Nos Pos

  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
Always surrounded by a wide border and filled with an exuberant variety of motifs, Teec Nos Pos (Tees Nohs Pohs) rugs are often large. Because of their size and complexity, Teec Nos Pos weavings can be very expensive.

An elaborate center is often enhanced with stylized feathers and arrows. Clawlike, angular hooks extend from the points of diamonds and triangles; zigzags are everywhere. The wide borders of a Teec Nos Pos often contain a lightning path.

Contrasting colors outline many elements, and there are lots of diagonal lines. There is no rule for colors in a Teec Nos Pos, although of course they must harmonize.

Teec Nos Pos is a bold, busy, exciting design. Many experts believe it developed from pictures of Persian rugs; others see no connection. The name comes from a settlement in the northeast corner of Navajo country. It means "Cottonwoods in a circle." However, similar rugs are woven from Mexican Water on the west to Beklabito, New Mexico, on the east.