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Tree of Life

  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
The Tree of Life design portrays a tree of cornstalk growing from a basket. Occasionally a different plant, such as thistle, will be represented. There may also be several branched trees or stalks of corn shown.

Birds of many brilliant colors perch on and around the Tree of Life. Sometimes, other familiar creatures—butterflies, rabbits, or squirrels—are also present.

The background is usually a pale color, to set off the bright, aniline hues used to weave the birds. Some of the birds are recognizable species such as cardinals, jays, or woodpeckers. They may be flying, perched, or even on the "ground" around the basket at the bottom. Bright flowers and vines are often shown, too. Generally, Tree of Life rugs have a dark, plain border.

The Cedar Ridge area is known for fine Tree of Life rugs.