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Two Grey Hills

  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
True Two Grey Hills rugs are woven of natural, undyed, handspun wool in designs of white, black, and brown. Weavers produce subtle shades of these basic hues by carding together wool from different sheep. The wool is often quite fine, requiring more weaving time but resulting in an exquisite rug.

Because of the considerable time and effort required to prepare handspun wool, rugs made from it may cost twice as much as rugs of comparable size made from commercial yarns.

The design does not represent hills. Two Grey Hills rugs are named for a village in New Mexico. They tend to have plain, dark border, but the patterns are often more complicated than those of a Ganado or a Klagetoh. Like other styles with borders, many Two Grey Hills rugs have a spirit line.