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  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
The Crystal style of banded rugs features a very specific difference: the "wavy" line, produced by alternating two or three different colors of weft bands.

Crystal rugs typically group three bands of wavy lines or a solid color between one or two complex bands. Generally, the complex bands are patterned with squash blossoms, but they may feature other motifs such as arrows, stars, crosses, triangles, bearpaws, or diamonds.

The colors used in weaving Crystals tend to be muted earthen colors such as rust, grey, and rich brown. Sometimes, pastel greens, pinks, or yellows are used.

These banded rugs are the "new" style of Crystal, which has developed in the area around the Crystal Trading Post in western New Mexico since the 1930s. Previously, a Crystal-style rug was a bordered rug with a central design woven of natural colors, perhaps with a touch of red.