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  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
Eyedazzler rugs are just that: busy, eyedazzling eavings of any combination of colors. Usually, the design is a simple geometric shape—chevron, diamong, serrate, triangle—repeated through the entire rug. There may be a border. Occasionally, the eyedazzler design will appear only in blocks set off against a solid background.

Eyedazzler is one of the earliest styles of rugs, and was influenced by serape blankets worn in New Mexico. They came into their own in the 1870s, when traders imported bright Germantown wool. Weavers suddenly had a brilliant new range of colors to work with, so this design emphasizes the effects of combining contrasting hues. Within ten years, the aniline dye used to produce Germantown yarns was directly available to Navajo weavers.