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  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
Yeibichai (yay-ba-chay) rugs depict ceremonies in which human dancers impersonate yeis. There usually six dancers, often in profile and with one leg bent as if dancing. Sometimes the six dancers, who are men, alternate with six women. Other figures may include a lead dancer, a following clown known as a "water sprinkler", the medicing man, and the patient for whom the ceremony was performed. All of these are rendered as realistically proportioned human beings.

Weavers use lifelike colors in Yeibichai rugs. Although it is a nighttime ceremony, it is seldom shown as a night scene.

Occasionally, ceremonies other than the Yeibichai are shown. A few weavers depict "Squawdances" (the Enemyway), or "Firedances." The are around Many Farms, in the center of the Navajo nation, is known for Yeibichai rugs.