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  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
A Pictorial rug portays a bit of Navajo reality; a woven journal of the features of a weaver's daily life. Many Pictorials are landscapes with a hogan, a corral and pickup truck, a woman in long skirt. Sheep, cattle, and horses are often shown, too. The landscape usually includes rock formations, trees, ponds, and clouds. Railroad trains, panel trucks emblazoned with soft drink logos, and even aircraft also show up in pictorials.

Pictorial rugs are woven in colors appropriate to the subject matter—blue skies, green junipers, black or white sheep. Borders, if any, are usually dark.

Many Pictorials are still woven without perspective or shading, but some weavers are producing surprisingly realistic pictures, considering the medium.

Occasionally, a weaver will make a replica of a flag, or weave a motto such as "Home Sweet Home." Though technically Pictorials, these are usually referred to as "specialty rugs."