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Wide Ruins

  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
Wide Ruins is the most elaborate banded rug style. It also has broad stripes of plain color and some stripes with geometric designs, but weavers add very narrow bands with delicate motifs plus thin, straight lines of contrasting colors. Shapes within the broader bands are often outlined with a different color. Wide Ruins are usually the most finely woven banded rugs.

Wide Ruin colors tend to be deep, somber vegetals—browns, olives, maroons, and mustards—accented sparingly with an elemental color such as white, red, or black.

The Wide Ruins style evolved from the Chinle. Occasionally, a weaving falls between the two styles, and is considered either a complicated Chinle or a simple Wide Ruins, depending on the colors and on the weaver's origins. These rugs are woven mostly in the Wide Ruins, Pine Springs, and Standing Rock areas.