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  Navajo Rugs

from A Guide To Navajo Rugs
Yei (or ye'ii, pronounced "yay") rugs depict teis, the supernatural "Holy People" who communicate between the Navajo and their gods. They are shown face-front as tall slender, stylized figures carrying rattles, pine boughs, or yucca strips. Usually, the long body of the "rainbow yei" surrounds them. This design has elements of some sandpaintings, but is not used in ceremonies. It is controlversial, also. Some weavers of Yeis have a ceremony performed to show respect and to keep harmony in their lives.

In color, anything goes in the weaving of a Yei rug. A dozen or more hues may be used.

These intriguing rugs are strongly representative of the Navajo culture. Navajo ceremonialism centers on a desire for healing: not only physial health, but also mental, emotional, spiritual, and even material well-being. The "Holy People" portayed in Yei rugs are believed to restore health when called upon in a properly conducted ceremony.